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Current University of Western California Programs

* Real Estate Principle
* Massage Therapy
* Real Estate Practice
* Advanced Massage Therapy
* Property Management
* Massage Practitioner
* Computerized Accounting & Bookkeeping

Admissions Policy

If you are interested in enrolling in one of our career programs you should contact our office at (213) 908-1500 to obtain an application packet.

This packet contains the required forms needed for submission. Our Admissions Office will assist you in contacting any former institutions that you
have attended and request official copies of necessary transcripts be sent directly to the University.

You will need to provide proof of high school diploma or GED or take an ability-to-benefit test for admission.  Students must ensure that all official
scores of examinations taken, such as the TOEFL and GRE exams, have an official transcript or take a placement test to determine level of
competency in the enrollment process. The student must verbally demonstrate that he/she has reasonable expectations of how the program would
benefit him/her in terms of skill acquisition, academic gains, or job marketability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all documents and forms have been submitted. When we receive all the required documents and forms, the
student's application file will be deemed complete and the final decisions concerning the student's admission to UWC will be made at our Admissions
Office. Admission  will be made as soon as the required documentation and registration fees have been received.

If an applicant does not accept admission or fails to matriculate after one year of acceptance the applicant will need to go through the admission
process again as a new student. This means that the applicant must resubmit a new application and all its required documents, forms, and
information for admission to the selected program.  Please note that previous admission does not guarantee readmission.

Admission decisions are based upon both objective and subjective criteria. An applicant's previous academic record is an important predictor of
his/her ability to succeed. Previous work experience in the selected field of study may also be taken into consideration. Personal and/or professional
letters of recommendation are included in the admission process for entrance into the master program.

UWC processes applications on a rolling basis. Unless otherwise specified, applicants will be considered for the next scheduled start date prior to
applying for, and being accepted for admission to the school.

Procedure for Enrollment

An applicant makes an appointment for an interview with the Admissions Representatives.  Upon arrival at UWC, the applicant will complete an
application covering their personal and educational history, and the area of occupational interest.  The applicant initially meets with the Admissions
Representative to discuss career opportunities and the process of enrollment.  

The Ability-to-Be-Trained test is then administered. Exception to this procedure is for the non-high school graduate. The Wonderlic Test will be
administered by an outside proctor approved by Wonderlic testing.

When the applicant successfully demonstrates their ability by scoring an acceptable score, as set by Wonderlic, they may proceed with enrollment.  
The test is graded and results are discussed in detail with the applicant .The applicant is then taken on a tour of the facilities.  This tour includes an
explanation of classroom instruction and activities and a review of course equipment and materials.  A Financial Assistance interview is then
completed with the Business Office.

Assuming all requirements and standards of admissions are met, an enrollment agreement between UWC and the applicant is then signed, the
registration fee paid.

The procedure for orientation will be to review and explain all policies of attendance, leaving early, arriving late; the monthly progress reports,
dedicated studies to be informed for the daily lecture, the services provided by the school, and the conduct expected of a UWC student.