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ENGLISH-AS-A SECOND LANGUAGE                                                  

Program Description

Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Summary:

The ESL Program offers a year-round intensive learning program. Classes are held four hours daily in the UWC classrooms. The program offers
three levels of instruction: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Each program length is twenty four weeks with admission each five weeks. The
average class size is 8-10 students. The maximum class size is 15-20 students.

Beginning (I & II): The beginning ESL classes are specifically designed for students who have had little or no prior exposure to the English
Language. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills will be introduced and practiced extensively. After completing the beginning courses,
students will possess a strong foundation of English and will be able to effectively communicate in diverse contexts.

Intermediate (III & IV): In the intermediate ESL classes, it is assumed that students have had some background, possess recognition of works,
structures, and basic communication skills in English. More complicated tenses and structures will be taught so that students will be able to
communicate clearly, comfortably employing mixed structures and tenses and incorporating natural expressions and idioms.

Advanced (V & VI): The advanced classes are intended for students who have a solid comprehension of reading, writing, listening, and speaking
skills in English and who wish to continue and further develop their knowledge and use of the English language for career, personal, or educational

The student’s first day in the ESL Program includes an English placement test to determine his/her level of English skills. Based upon the results of
the placement evaluation, the student’s teachers will select classes that are at the student’s level that meet his/her educational goals. If the student
is not placed at the right level, the University will make adjustments to the student’s schedule to help him/her achieve his/her goal in the shortest
time possible.

Paying Fees:

Students will pay fees during the first month of classes. Fees are paid in the Business Office. If fees are not paid within 30 days, the Business Office
will add a monthly late fee charge equal to 1% of the student’s balance owed.  

Core Course Requirements

Beginning                                                        480 Clock Hours       
                      (24 weeks, 20 hours per week)
ESL 111        Writing I                                                        
ESL 112        Writing II                                                        
ESL 121        Speaking / Communication Skills I                                
ESL 122        Speaking / Communication Skills II                                
ESL 131        Listening Skills / Pronunciation I                                
ESL 132        Listening Skills / Pronunciation II                                
ESL 141        Structure / Reading I                                                
ESL 142        Structure / Reading II                                                

Intermediate                                                        480 Clock Hours
                          (24 weeks, 20 hours per week)
ESL 211        Writing III                                                        
ESL 212        Writing IV                                                        
ESL 221        Speaking / Communication Skills III                                        
ESL 222        Speaking / Communication Skills IV                                
ESL 231        Listening Skills / Pronunciation III                                
ESL 232        Listening Skills / Pronunciation IV                                
ESL 241        Structure / Reading III                                        
ESL 242        Structure / Reading IV
Advanced                                                         480 Clock Hours
                          (24 weeks, 20 hours per week)
ESL 311        Writing V                                                        
ESL 312        Writing VI                                                        
ESL 321        Speaking / Communication Skills V                                
ESL 322        Speaking / Communication Skills VI                                
ESL 331        Listening Skills / Pronunciation V                                
ESL 341        Structure / Reading V                                                
ESL 342        Structure / Reading VI                                        

Certificate Courses                                                

ESL 411        Business English I                                                
ESL 412        TOEFL                                                        
ESL 413        TOEIC                                                                
ESL 414        TSE                                                                
ESL 415        English through Film, Literature, and Music                        
ESL 416        Idioms                                                                
ESL 417        The Internet & ESL                                                
ESL 418        Service Learning                                                
ESL 419        Intercultural Communications        

Course Description


ESL 111 & ESL 112 Writing I & II
The English alphabet will be introduced; at the end of the courses, students will be able to write names, addresses, make lists, and fill in basic forms.
Students will also be able to complete job applications, construct sentences, paragraphs, and write emails.

ESL 121 & ESL 122 Speaking / Communication Skills I & II
Greetings, introductions, ice breakers, asking and giving directions and instructions, and practicing how to order food in restaurant will all be
covered during the courses enabling students to communicate in common, social, and work related situations.

ESL 131 & ESL 131 Listening Skills / Pronunciation I & II
Students will be able to distinguish between similar sounds (ex. r/l, b/v, p/f, -th, and wh-), as well as pronounce sounds and words clearly. Activities
include listening to weather reports, time schedules, and directions; conversations of varying complexity will be listened, repeated, and appropriately
responded to.

ESL 141 & ESL 142 Structure / Reading I & II
Students will learn and be introduced to foundations such as sentence structures, verb tenses, question formations, and recognition of written
sounds and words. At the end of the courses, students will be able to read signs, menus, schedules, prescription labels, as well as material or
ingredient contents in products. Short articles and stories will also be introduced.


ESL 211 & ESL 212 Writing III & IV
Writing letters, memos, short essays, and job resumes will be taught during the courses; more complicated sentence structures will be incorporated
enabling students to express themselves more naturally and flexibly in writing. At the end of these courses, students will possess the ability to write
clearly and effectively in business, school, and a variety of social contexts.

ESL 221 & ESL 222 Speaking / Communication Skills III & IV
Students will role play conversations in preparation for job interviews, doctor’s appointments, giving and taking orders or instructions, as well as
other important daily interchanges. Upon completion of these courses, students will be able to express themselves more clearly and accurately.

ESL 231 & ESL 232 Listening Skills / Pronunciation III & IV
Students will improve their listening comprehension skills by looking for key words, phrases, question formations, and time references. Pronunciation
and intonation in both casual conversation and formal speech will be practiced.

ESL 241 & ESL 242 Structure / Reading III & IV
Effective reading techniques and strategies will be practiced through reading the classified, advertised, local, and international sections of the
newspaper. The fundamentals of English structure will be expounded upon empowering the students to accurately communicate using proper verb
tenses and more complicated structures. Some prose will be introduced.


ESL 311 & ESL 312 Writing V & VI
Formal documents and letters will be composed and writing for academic purposes will also be incorporated. Upon completion, students will be able
to effectively communicate in writing in any given situation.

ESL 321 & ESL 322 Speaking / Communication Skills V & VI
Upon completion of these courses, students will have a firm working knowledge of debate skills, persuasive discussion / conversation skills and will
be prepared for further academic studies and/or career development. Students will possess a strong command of English and a natural confidence
in their delivery and speed, which will greatly enhance their oral communication skills.

ESL 331 & ESL 332 Listening Skills / Pronunciation Skills V & VI
Students will improve upon their overall listening comprehension and will also be able to distinguish and produce complicated sounds in English.
Activities will include listening to newscasts, talk shows on radios and televisions, speeches, recording, and live presentations.

ESL 341 & ESL 342 Structure / Reading V & VI
Students, upon completion of these courses, will have a sound and broad understanding of the structure of English which will further enhance
reading comprehension skills and speed. Students will be able to read, process, and respond to various written forms, such as newspaper articles,
fiction, non-fiction, business reports, and academic texts.

Certificate Courses

ESL 411 Business English
Students will be introduced to writing emails, surfing the internet, developing phone skills using voicemail systems, taking and leaving messages,
and creating documents, letters, and reports. As English is the language of international trade and relations, students in this course will develop
strong negotiating skills, both in written and oral forms. Students will be expected to give oral presentations, write reports, and proposals. Guest
speakers from Bay Area businesses will also be featured.

ESL 412 TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
Students who complete these courses will gain admission to competitive colleges and universities in the USA based upon their TOEFL scores.
Students will be prepared to approach the TOEFL test with a solid foundation of the English language and ease with the format of the test.
Advanced vocabulary will be stressed as well as reading and listening comprehension. Students will be prepared to write a well-developed essay for
the TWE (Test of Written English) section of the test.

ESL 413 TOEIC (The Test of English for International Communication)
TOEIC preparation will familiarize the student with the Test of English for International Communication, now widely used to assess a person’s English
as needed for international business and other jobs. Coursework includes development of logic and vocabulary skills, timed practices, test-taking
strategies, and topics relevant to the TOEIC. Both the course and the test are quite different from the focused TOEFL studies. TOEIC preparation
helps those who plan to use English in their jobs.

ESL 414 TSE (Test of Spoken English)
Introduction to, and orientation of, the official TSE exam. Exercises and materials used will be modified to the appropriate level. In order to better
improve upon speaking and oral communication skills, students will constantly interact with the instructor and other students, implementing speaking
and listening skills that will prepare students for success on the TSE. Listening comprehension, analytical thinking, verbal skills, and speed will be
stressed so that students will perform comfortably and well on the TSE. Enhanced vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, and natural delivery will
enable students to communicate efficiently and successfully.

ESL 415 English through Film, Literature, and Music
Students will be exposed to various genres of film, literature, and music to experience the English language in a context that will further help
students improve their skills in English, a well as empower them to be creative and expressive. In these classes, students have an opportunity to
broaden their language skills in the context of developing their personal interests in English.

ESL 416 Idioms
In this listening-speaking class, the students will search for idioms in ads, on TV, and in a variety of other places and discuss them in class. The text
is also a good outside resource for the students. In class, the students will practice using idioms in speaking exercises.   

ESL 417 The Internet & ESL
The Internet & ESL class provides students with the opportunity to use all the ESL skills while learning about computer in general and the internet in
particular. Students will also be able to build home pages, conduct simple internet searches, and use e-mail.

ESL 418 Service Learning
This class provides an opportunity to get out of the classroom into the community. As a group, students go off-campus to work briefly at such
volunteer jobs as providing a party for people with disabilities, serving breakfast to the homeless at a community center, or teaching origami to
children at an after-school center. Out of class, students have many chances to speak with other individuals and help people and watch what they
are doing.  In class, students listen to guest speakers or share what they have experienced through the volunteer jobs.

ESL 419 Intercultural Communications
Students will share and explain food, art, customs, information, and ideas from their own culture and heritage. More subtle nuances of English will be
discussed, such as facial expressions, intonations, body languages, careful choice of words, and appropriate responses to various situations. The
points of intersection between culture and English, as well as other languages and their respective cultures will be explored. This will enhance the
students’ overall communication skills and bring them beyond the grammar and mechanics of English to the heart and core of it.